Average Cost of Weddings and Wedding Vendors

Ever wondered how much money is spent on the flower girl’s flowers or how much the wedding industry makes on photography? We’ve taken the numbers and broken them down so that you can see how much is being spent by the average couple and where exactly it is going.

For stats on the entire wedding industry, bridepop.com made Weddings By The Numbers infograph!

A GOOD look at the ‘Cost of Chronic Diseases’ - The latest Tech Industry Press Releases

* GOOD’s Causes of Death info-graphic shows the leading causes by age
* GOOD’s World Health info-graphic shows the money 12 countries spend on healthcare
* Seed’s The Cost of Getting Sick tool shows the cost of chronic conditions
* Seed’s Health Issues tool shows how some conditions are related to one another
* Seed’s How’s Your Health Profile? tool lets you see conditions common to your profile

* See a video in “Ben Fry & Seed labs visualize The Cost of Getting Sick
* Read “Visualizing world health with the data artists at GOOD” on GE Reports
* Learn more about our healthymagination business strategy