How different age groups are using the internet?

Traditionally blogging is seen as the activity of choice for online teens and young adults, informing the online world of their every thought and idea, be it social problems or their theories on who was really behind 9/11. However it seems that blogging is no longer the pastime of the young (who have instead been drawn to simple and quick social media networks) and has instead risen in popularity among older adults. has clearly explained blogging: Not for the young?

82nd Academy Award Nominees Graphically Explained

First time in 65 years the Academy Awards has ten films contending for the Best Picture statue. Wow, that’s twice as many movies as before; how can we make sense of all of them. Of course you should see all ten films and make an informed decision, or just read what the candler blog has to say about them.

In the meantime have parsed a bit of data and laid it out for you in colorful glory. I’ll let the graphic speak for itself, so take a peek at