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Digital Native Map Changing with technology.

A Generation on Fast Forward

Meet Wen-Jay, 24, and her dog, Wuji. They live in Brooklyn, New York and are part of a generation called Digital Natives, or NetGeners. They've grown up immersed in digital technologies and there's evidence they're being affected in ways unheard of before computers and the Web. And their parents -- sometimes called Digital Immigrants -- are still getting accustomed to their hyperconnected world.

But we all feel digital media's impact on how we think, work, learn and interact with one another. Will these changes have a positive or negative effect on us? Will Digital Natives have a different kind of brain than Digital Immigrants? How does the emphasis on the visual, and on visual interaction, affect our relationships and our sense of self? Should we worry about these things at all?

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The Evolution of the Modern Marketplace

Marketplaces have always created value. Since the early inception of marketplaces, to the development of a mobile marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers has always been the focus. This linking, in creating a buy-and-sell environment – whether in a physical, or virtual (cyber) way – has always been about reducing friction to facilitate greater commerce. Once a market is established, its value, whether recognized or not, becomes ingrained in both the minds and the actions of those who engage the marketplace. made a beautiful time line chart for The Evolution of the Modern Marketplace